The story behind the workshop.

As a young business we are dedicated to providing the best service. We don't build custom computer systems just as a job, but out of love for our craft. The passion for building the very best. We cherry pick the best components and insure that no matter your ambition and dream, we can match it. The custom workshop is the place to make dreams come true. Contact us with a request and a member of our team will write back within 24 hours with an answer and feedback. We strive to take on challenges that our competitors often will not. It is because we love what we do, every custom order is built by one of our engineers. Not in an assembly line, nor are they pre built and have some frills attached. Hand built, overclocked, tested, modded and made, all by one member of our team.  So if you share this passion, of high end computer systems, check out the workshop