Welcome to the PC Parts Store

Here you will find all sorts of parts ranging from GPUs to risers and everything in between. All parts are are available but some may not be 'In Stock' so may require extra time for delivery, this will be made apparent on the product page, if that is the case. We accept Debit and Credit Cards and Cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, ETH, BTCZ and are open to suggestions on others. We ship internationally and do not have a limit on any product, so you are able to order 10, 20, 100 GPUs if necessary.  It may just take a while for us to order it in due to availability, but we will get them out to you as soon as possible. You will recieve automated emails with tracking updates etc, and support will get back to any query within 24 hours. Any questions feel free to send a message or get in contact through our discord. 

Announcements: We have no motherboards in stock anywhere... and as such have added everything into one store. So all link to the GPU store.


ALSO GPUS WILL COME IN 1-2 WEEKS so order now to get your supply :)


Some people have asked what the currency is, it is the GBP : Great British Pound


GPU Store

One of the most important parts for a mining rig, yet you can't get any anywhere. Here is the store with no limitations, pre-orders are available. If in stock sent the same day as ordered, delivery within 3 days, anywhere in the world (North America and Europe.) 

intel celeron.jpg

Other core parts: CPU,MB,PSU,RAM etc.

These are the key components needed to tie that GPU goodness together. Here we have individual components for sale as well as bundles of parts, we put together as we use these parts in our farms. Same as the GPU Store no limitation, and same fast delivery. Check it out. 

Risers and the boring stuff :)

No hardware porn, keeping it simple, with high quality risers and other parts. Here you will find the good stuff, the crem de la crem. We can pre test hardware such as risers, as we know how annoying it must be to receive dead risers. This service costs an extra £1.50 per riser. There are other useful bits and bobs we use in our farms or think would be a great addition to any farm.