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Our Custom Pre-Confgiured PCs offer easy customisation. Every PC is built to order by one of our technicians. All of our PCs use Corsair PSUs 80+ rated. Every PC is tested for a minimum of 48 hours in multiple stress tests as well as benchmarked prior to being dispatched. Each PC comes with our MKSystems information package, which gives you information about your system and its build process.


Gaming PCs

Here you can find PCs designed for gamers with super fast performance and RGB. If your not sure what PC you require feel free to contact us by clicking the 'contact us' tab. All our systems come with a 2 year parts warranty.



Here are our nippy home/office PCs again with customisation to suit your needs, weather its a web surfing - email machine, a family computer or a media centre, you will be able to find the PC you need here, and at a competitvie price.



Here are our professional grade systems, designed for number crunching, video rendering and 3D modelling. From budget oriented video editing, to deep learning machines you will find the best, in performance and price.

If you can't find a system that is quite right for your, check out the custom workshop. There you can get in contact with one of our designers to work out a system for your needs.  

Refrubished Custom Systems

Here you will be able to find our rebuilt from the ground up systems. All with great performance for a competitive price. Starting at £49.95 and with a 1 year warranty, you can be sure to find a great deal. Learn more

The Custom Workshop

Here you will be able to get in contact and make dreams a reality. 


Business Solutions

Here you will be able to find our professional systems, for mass deployment. From desktops, servers and laptops your ideas brought to reality. 


Our parts store

Here you will find, tried and tested components for sale, all components have been tested for 48 hours prior to listing. Any faults will be listed along with the components, but the majority just need a home. So go on grab a bargin

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Proudly custom built in the United Kingdom.

Cleaned, tested and rebuilt to spec


Custom Built

Since 2014, MKSystems has been striving to build the perfect computer systems for any budget, application and aesthetic - from a powerful gaming PC to a custom build professional grade computer systems. We take pride in our work and not one system is off the shelf, every single one is designed and built to order. For your peace of mind our custom designed systems come with a 1 year no quibble manufacturer's components warranty comes as standard.


Our stores: From Hand picked parts custom PCs to next day office spec systems

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The Store

Looking for a system quick, with plenty of power. Or maybe you need to outfit a office with PCs for all your staff. Our store is full of custom built to order systems as well as rebuilt Dell office grade systems. We have systems that can fit any use case, budget and aesthetic. Starting from £40 for a Dell system with Windows 10 Professional. Or £250 for a gaming spec system. If you can't quite find a system that fit your aesthetic or spec check out the Workshop so we can design a system, around you with you to suit your needs .  


The Custom Work Shop: The home of our performance systems

Visit the custom workshop


The story behind the workshop.

As a young business we are dedicated to providing the best service. We don't build custom computer systems just as a job, but out of love for our craft. The passion for building the very best. We cherry pick the best components and insure that no matter your ambition and dream, we can match it. The custom workshop is the place to make dreams come true. Contact us with a request and a member of our team will write back within 24 hours with an answer and feedback. We strive to take on challenges that our competitors often will not. It is because we love what we do, every custom order is built by one of our engineers. Not in an assembly line, nor are they pre built and have some frills attached. Hand built, overclocked, tested, modded and made, all by one member of our team.  So if you share this passion, of high end computer systems, check out the workshop

"Amazed at the quality of paint work, made my sons year."


"Lost for words, seriously impressed."

— Ellis Kilbane